Light Applications 4

Choose Only NZ Certified LED Products

When we choose the products that we are going to use in our homes and office buildings, we always want to get the best value for our money. This is an instinct that we develop in life, and so we are always weighing out different options based on cost and quality. But at the end of the day, quality will always trump cost because material grade means less expense over the long term.

Choosing to use NZ certified LED products is the right way to go because you know that these certified products are of the best quality and are compliant with industry requirements.

Often contractors or home builders will try to save money for clients with tight budgets, often by sourcing cheaper quality products. Choosing to use products that are cheaper usually means quality is compromised leading to more cost for earlier replacement in future or at the very least some issues with the products not working efficiently.

Unfortunately in NZ as with other countries, LED systems that are not tested & certified for NZ / Aus are available to purchase here. The products may have European or U.S certification which means they have been tested for different market conditions such as the U.S or Europe which do not have the same conditions as our markets. The NZ certification process thoroughly checks the LED products integrity under unique NZ / Aus conditions. Products that carry only EU / US certs also carry only their manufacturer’s guarantees, and these can be hard to claim should there be issues in future.

NZ certified LED products have passed control standards set by the lighting testing and safety standards industry. This means the products you have purchased for either your home or commercial building are under warranty for our market and are unlikely to have safety defects, poor energy ratings or poor quality design. Electrical products must have specific safety standards to comply with before they pass as NZ certified LED products.Anyone who makes or trades in these types of products is responsible for ensuring safety standards. With NZ certified LED products from a reliable reseller like LightEx, consumers can be assured that products reliable, energy efficient and guaranteed to last for the said lifetime of the product.